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The immediate members of the family appear in Neighborhood 1/Old Town[TS], Pleasantview[TS2], Sunset Valley[TS3], and Willow Creek[TS4], and are considered a key founding family in those places. She and Mortimer were later included as renders and in The Sims 4: Create A Sim Official Gameplay trailer, looking slightly different than in the final release. Her Bustin' Out biography states: Her name in Italian means "beautiful" and it fits her better than her red leather corset. The "uptown ideals" of the new Alto family clashed with the more traditional views of the Goths, forcing the townspeople to choose sides. When using boolProp testingcheatsenabled, Bella will be fine on the lot, but if the player leaves the lot and then return, the game will show her as having a ghost texture. The family is featured in all four main games (The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4), The Sims 2 for GameBoy Advance, and The Sims: Bustin' Out for console. The Sims 2 []. Mortimer and his father also prefer the color black, while Cornelia prefers purple - both are typical colors used in Gothic fashion. She is friends with her daughter and son, and sweethearts with Mortimer. Sims will need to exorcise the ghosts that haunt them, since both Mortimer and Bella are disturbed by their moaning and roaming. The Goth Manor was the first house built in Sunset Valley and it presides over the town. Descended from a long line of occultists, mystics and decadents, she has thrown convention to the wind. Guest. Her daughter Cassandra Goth may or may not have been born yet. The game is set some time after The Sims 2, as Bella is reunited with her family. She is also slightly gothic, which is evidenced by her room and playroom being decorated with skulls, which may hint at why she married Mortimer, and also at her interest in the paranormal. Like all other homes belonging to the Goth family there is no television or stereo on the lot; the only electronic equipment is a tablet computer (found in Cassandra's bedroom) and the family's personal cell phones. Her favorite interactions are telling stories and nagging about friends. The in-game version of her, however, has slightly different traits and aspiration: She is good, family-oriented and romantic, and has the Party Animal aspiration, but still has the gregarious benefit. Enriqueta: Feminine form of Enrique, which is the Spanish form of Henry. When she grows up, she looks different from the adult versions of her f… Mortimer's name perfectly suits his last name - Goth, as both name and last name are connected with gloom, death and gothic. Alexis founded SimsVIP in 2011 right after Aliens abducted her from Bella Goth’s house. The Goth ( Listen) family is a prominent family in The Sims series, originally consisting of just Mortimer, Bella and Cassandra, appearing as one of the starting families in the original The Sims. It could, however, be real name in the Sims' universe. She wears a red dress because this is her favorite color. She has no relationships outside of her household when first played. She has one point of the painting skill. Bella and Mortimer Goth are best friends. Due to this, there appears to be another sim based off of her. Bella has a good relationship with her family. Relationship flags such as Crush, Love, and Married are normally unset when a Sim dies, and reset when that Sim is resurrected. In the trailer, Bella is shown to have three traits, which are romantic, outgoing, and active. The Goth family is one of the pre-created unplayable families from The Sims 3: Pets for console, within the neighborhood of Sugar Maple Coast. Eventually, after becoming exhausted following rumors and gossip, she settled for hypnotherapy in order to rediscover the hidden mysteries of her mind. In The Sims Bustin' Out, Bella Goth lives with her husband Mortimer Goth in Goth Manor. Bella is the daughter of Simis and Jocasta Bachelor, and is the younger sister of Michael Bachelor, who also makes an appearance in The Sims and can be found in the family bin. She works as a Horror Movie Extra in the Movie Star Career and likes to play the piano and read when she's not working. She decided to come to the town to learn more. At the end of his / her journey, (Sim name) found himself / herself in a crystal and gem paradise where he / she saw a fleeting reflection of Bella Goth as the dimensional gate faded away. However, the player can perform romantic interactions with her. By the time the storyline has caught up to The Sims 2, Bella has had another child, Alexander Goth, and has disappeared via alien abduction. This version is a little different than the Pleasantview Bella, but is acknowledged by Maxis as the same Bella. Her brother Michael Bachelor is in the Family Bin as a playable character. At this time, it consists of Gunther, Cornelia, and young Mortimer. Her disdain for the pedestrian and normal is only matched by her sense of ennui and isolation. The family seems to be the oldest (making it "medieval") Also it can be a word for someone who likes to dress in black or likes the shadows. Sims might occasionally get stuck in one, and they're unable to be interacted with unless they're freed by resetting them or moving the fountain. She has the Party Animal aspiration and works in the secret agent career as an intelligence researcher, and has two skill points each in charisma, fitness, and programming. A man named Kung Fu. The Goths have lived in town since time immemorial. The strongest evidence, however, is the prevalence of the grumpy trait in this family. They live in the Goth Manor, where there are two tombstones at their backyard. A few people around the Internet have suggested many ways in order to get the Pleasantview Bella back. At its base are a series of symbols that (Sim name) has never seen before. The Goth name in general has some resemblance, as well. Bella Goth ( /ˈbɛlə ɡɒθ/) (née Bachelor) is a pre-made, playable Sim that first appeared in The Sims, alongside her husband, Mortimer, and her daughter, Cassandra, residing at 5 Sim Lane. The name "Mortimer" descended from the French "Mer Morte", meaning "Dead Sea". Mortimer Goth: In French, "mort" means death. Bella and her family return in The Sims 4, albeit in an alternate timeline, where they live at Ophelia Villa in Willow Creek. Post Feb 23, 2016 #3 2016-02-23T07:21. Each of the PC games, plus all the console editions, have shown ghosts haunting the mansions and scaring the inhabitants. Bella's disappearance is a major component to the background story of Pleasantview and it's theorized that Maxis picked her for this major role because she is a mysterious, yet elegant, woman. It is then also revealed that Bella is Michael Bachelor's sister. Alexander Goth: Means "defending man". It's also possible that some of the cash came from selling the house at 77 Maple Street (which cost 160,000 Simoleons), or at least, from selling the furnishings and fixtures. It could also possibly mean "still water" in Old French. These mods will allow you to play a Sims 2 version of Bella. She likes Chinese food (especially sweet and sour), would like to be a Fashion Buyer or a Mystery Customer for luxury spa resorts, and would like to visit The Eiffel Tower and The Taj Mahal. This might be a mistake overlooked by the creators to show good story-telling pictures for the neighborhood. The only way out is to recover that key. They only appear when a new episode starts and ends. How or when she got to Lunar Lakes remains unconfirmed, as is whether or not she ever reunited with her family after her alien abduction. She wears her trademark red dress, and has black (or very dark brown) hair worn at medium length. Maxis created a likeness of Bella and used it as a townie in Strangetown. Grandpa - Grandma - Uncle - Auntie - Cousin - Vegas - Bratty - Boy - Hecuba - Menelaus The Sims Bustin' Out. Because she is still a child, she goes by her maiden name of Bachelor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She has transcended all the various games released, and is a popular character to play. Sims that can be resurrected with the Tombstone of L & D, SimGuruSarah confirmed that Lunar Lakes Bella is Sunset Valley Bella, The Sims Social "Ask a developer!" She does exist in Pleasantview, but is hidden within the game code and can only be found using cheats or third-party programs. Bella first appeared in a short interview promotion for the Facebook app The Sims Social. In the 19th century, a girl by the name of Morgana Goth, drove men to insanity with her beauty. In The Sims 3, the family lives in Sunset Valley, which is set around 50 years before The Sims 2 and 25 years before The Sims. Questions Answered! Mortimer's aristocratic parents, Gunther and Cornelia Goth, the town's founders, made their debut in The Sims: Unleashed along with their two cats, Hecuba and Menelaus in a plantation-styled mansion. In the game, Bella lives in Willow Creek in the Ophelia Villa with her husband, Mortimer, and their two children, Cassandra and Alexander. Between The Sims and The Sims 2, Bella and Mortimer had one more child, Alexander, and moved to 165 Sim Lane in Pleasantview. He is the smart one and the first son; meaning he could have power to take over the family (if Dina Caliente doesn't do so first). Cecilia, The entire Goth family enjoying a lovely dinner prepared by Bella, Little Cassandra (taking place at the old, Alexander as a baby, Cassandra as a teen. Bella Goth, her husband, Mortimer Goth, and her daughter, Cassandra Goth, are first introduced in The Sims. Rebecca heard stories for years of her great-grandfather and the town he carved out of the wilderness. Her traits are good, brave and lucky. Befriending the Bella Goth in Strangetown and moving her into a lot and then making her find her own place is a way to play Bella Goth, but only in Strangetown. Characters who share the Goth family name, but whose connections (if any) to the family remain unknown, include: Grandpa - Grandma - Uncle - Auntie - Cousin - Vegas - Bratty - Boy - Hecuba - Menelaus Mortimer and Bella Goth in The Sims Bustin' Out. Another odd fact is that she is seen looking through a small telescope on Don Lothario's deck, even though it is impossible to get abducted through this telescope in normal gameplay. The original tome was found in the Gothique Library, a library built by the very first Goths that settled in Sunset Valley. She's also shown to have an aspiration of Friend to the World, and a gregarious benefit. For example, the Goth family is much younger and Bella Goth, an adult in the first game, is a child and is named Bella Bachelor. Bella is arguably one of the most recognizable sims in the series. 1 year ago. Bella on The Sims' series 17th anniversary celebratory screenshot. Alexander has orange hair, meaning that he may have dyed it. Her appearance (with her yellow hair, gaunt face and greenish skin) is very different in this town than in previous towns, but it is in line with other deceased Sims buried in the Lunar Lakes cemetery. Bella may secretly hope to meet her UFOs acquaintances someday, but has since made peace with the fact that she's made lots of new friends in Littlehaven. She was also regularly featured on the cover for The Sims and its expansions. In The Sims 2 (Game Boy Advance) they are unplayable, as they don't have a major role. It is possible that his scientific work as a virus breeder contributes to his grey hair. If a Sim uses the fingerprint scanner, much of the furniture was touched by her. (Dark): Bella knows Kung Fu. The reason for this is because the developers did not set the correct relationship flags. Her dress appears to be of a different design, her skin is much lighter, and her hair is a reddish-brown. Troubles of the past aside, Bella Goth has mysteriously returned to the neighborhood, and is ready to get back into the spotlight! She wears her signature red dress, red shoes, long black hair and has tan skin. She is unemployed at the start of the game and, just like her husband, has no skill points in anything. She still doesn't remember her family and likes chocolate. Another definition is "a winner in any struggle or contest". There is a possibility they may have died, but it remains unknown. Mortimer Goth and Bella Bachelor fishing together. When she grows up, she looks different from the adult versions of her from The Sims and The Sims 2; her lips are thinner and her eyes are much bigger. She is said to be 'well-behaved' and the best dressed girl around. This makes her younger than her daughter Cassandra, who is 26 days from becoming an elder. In The Sims 3, the Goth family appear more literally Gothic - which their name refers to - than they seem in previous games in The Sims series. Notably, most of the men's names end in 'r' and most women's names end in 'a'. (Intimate): Bella never REALLY loved Mortimer... she married him for his money. Bella is associated with the Italian word for "beautiful". Another odd detail is that, if Bella is brought back, Mortimer's relationship with her will be that of acquaintances rather than spouses. Jul 25, 2020 - Bella Goth has become something of a legend in the Sims world. The family is worth around §640,000 and, unlike most pre-made families, the bulk of it is in cash. The house and furnishings at 165 Sim Lane are worth around §124,000 and the family has §511,000 in funds. According to her quotes in SimGolf (which she made an appearance as the download-able golfer, along with her family), she is very nice, an excellent neighbor, a little vain, compares bad things to Mortimer's foul moods and compares her family members to her shots (such as a Bella shot is too easy, a Mortimer shot is too difficult, and a Cassandra shot is impossible). In The Sims 3, Bella starts as a child (7 days to teen) who lives with her mother, Jocasta Bachelor, father, Simis Bachelor, and older brother, Michael Bachelor. The Sims 4 is officially considered an alternate universe from the previous installments of the game, which explains the age discrepancy of the characters compared to previous releases. Gunther is in the Education career track as a Dean, and Cornelia is still a housewife. Elegant and athletic are two qualities that describe Bella. But however: it's unknown of who the ghosts really are. Unless the player has them perform some romantic interactions before the actual marriage takes place, Don will almost always leave Cassandra at the altar. She is an elegant, yet athletic, woman who seems to enjoy playing golf. This version of Bella Goth has been officially confirmed as existing in an alternate timeline to those seen in previous installments of the series. The limit relationship with Bella is friendship; the player cannot become good friends or best friends with her nor fall in love or go steady with her. Some players prefer to play the Bella Goth in Strangetown and consider her to be the real Bella because she has no connection to Pleasantview and is not tied to the Goth and Bachelor family trees, which lends credence to the theory that the alien experiments left her mind wiped. For example, their appearance in The Sims 3 is of more of a Gothic nature, as Cornelia, Gunther Goth, and Agnes Crumplebottom all wear a lot of dark purple and black (for Agnes, this also may be related to mourning the death of her husband). It appears that the grumpy trait is a Goth family trait, at least among its living members. But it captures her spirit better than any of the official remakes. The names of the family suggests German and English ancestry while Bella's family is implied to have Southern European and/or Romani heritage. The player will be able to control her for around a minute and then she will disappear. They have §50,000 and appear to be a very gloomy couple, due to Alexander having to grow up with a father named Mortimer. Apart from uncovering numerous past life experiences, Bella did manage to recover her memories of the abduction. They are "old money", which means that they have inherited their wealth from earlier generations. Although her husband and daughter have memories of her being abducted by aliens, the story does not explicitly state what happened to Bella. When the family is first played, the yard is set for Cassandra and Don's wedding. She is also friends with her daughter Cassandra, but does not know any other Sims in the neighborhood. There are many Easter eggs involving Bella Goth. Michael: "who is like God?" Bella Goth is perhaps one of the most well known Sims. There are a few exceptions though. This is the first Goth home belonging to the core family members not to feature a graveyard on the premises. It takes place after The Sims 2, although the description for Beacon Bay implies that it was built before Pleasantview. Families from The Sims Bustin' Out (console),, Cassandra is ready to start a family of her own, but can she tame the town Cassanova. Rumor: The Sims … Comparison of Strangetown and Pleasantview Bella. In The Sims, the Goths (Mortimer, Bella and Cassandra) live in a rather small, but comfortable house at 5 Sim Lane and have §2,542 in funds. Joining her eccentric uncle Samuel Goth, who tragically died when he ate a magic jelly bean, and his youthful wife Olivia Goth, who during mourning, electrocuted herself to death, setting the house ablaze, killing Frida along with it, they all turned into ghosts. Bella on The Sims' series 16th anniversary celebratory render. So famous was her legend that a doll was made and manufactured to resemble her. The Sims Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Every Goth home, besides the one in The Sims 4, contains its own graveyard. This version of her can be downloaded from the gallery, by SimGuruJill. Descended from a long line of occultists, mystics and decadents, she has thrown convention to the wind. The household was later joined by a fortune-telling band manager Helen Hall, who met Samuel at a convention. a little pale compared to the original skin tone. Bella and Mortimer having a date on Love Day in an official video for. Personally, I think they all look the best in 2. Lolita Goth: Likely a reference to Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita and an obvious parody of the Japanese fashion 'Gothic Lolita'. If Mortimer is already deceased, the scene that the player sees before they enter the university features a regular Bella as Alexander's mother and she is sobbing about the loss of her son as he is grown up, but still remains missing afterwards. Victor Goth: One definition is "a person who has overcome, a conqueror". Nice guy. She has an extremely good relationship with Mortimer, with the two starting at a mutual 100/100 relationship level. Also, in a fairy tale, Gretel and her brother Hansel were captured by a witch but managed to escape. They have lived in town since the beginning. The Goth family appears again in The Sims 4, living in Willow Creek. Milton: from an English surname meaning "mill town." One could assume they have not had children yet. Guest. Standing just out of view (Sim name) watched as they bowed before a mysterious looking Sim and chanted "Bella" in hushed monotone voices. She distracts herself from this world with a little organ practice and exotic gardenings of the lethal variety. I'm not a huge fan of the aesthetic of the other games, and I think they look more unique in 2. It is possible that she could be the great-granddaughter of the late Timaeus Goth, a founder of Sugar Maple Coast and the oldest known member of the Goth family, according to his biography, who has a tombstone at the Goth Family Cemetary. Menelaus Goth: From Greek origin it means "withstanding the people". [3] Bella had in fact mysteriously reappeared in Littlehaven, a new city where Bella lived, set after The Sims 2 and Strangetown events, and it was her helpful neighbor Buddy who had found her. Between Mortimer writing macabre stories and Bella's mysterious disappearances will Cassandra and Alexander grow up to be gloomy, too? I also included other (usually dark red) outfits Bella might like to wear, and mods for her husband Mortimer and her daughter, Cassandra. Cassandra and her mother Bella have had sort of a weird run. In Greek myth, Cassandra was a Trojan Princess who had been given the gift of prophecy by Apollo. 1 year ago. Upon further inspection, (Sim name) notices that inside the statue there is a key to the only door in the room. Olivia was either meant to be a female form of Oliver or derived from the vocabulary word 'olive' which is a symbol of peace. While Mortimer is mentioned in the family bio, Cassandra and Bella are nowhere to be found; neither are Gunther, Cornelia, and the other relatives. Moving the lot to the Lots and Houses bin and then moving her into Pleasantview will cause problems in both neighborhoods. It is revealed in this story that Bella Goth is the sister of Michael Bachelor.She is hidden in The Sims 2 … The meaning of this name is quite clear, as "victor" in English means one who is victorious. The appearances of Goth family members throughout the tree indicate a long lineage of wealthy businessmen, politicians, and scientists. Will Cassandra be able to live up to her mother's expectations? The name was brought back to Europe by French crusaders who had seen that sea. It is possible to change her last name back to Goth through the city hall, brain enhancing machine. In the The Sims Bustin' Out on console, the Goth family only consists of Mortimer Goth, who works as a virus breeder and Bella Goth, who works as a horror movie extra.

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