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• Check out all of our free Music & Mixing DJ training in the Music & Mixing section of the website. Since that’s not the case, and since music organisation is so central to “being a DJ”, you need a system. ), Start here: How To Organise Your Tunes While DJing, Part 1, The longer you stay in the DJ game, the more you realise that one of your most important assets is a properly organised music library. Start here: How To Succeed At DJing, Part 1: What Type Of DJ Do You Want To Be? Hier klicken. Conversely, if you hand out a shabby one, don’t expect to get called in any time soon. This series is all about using Traktor’s Remix Decks in a practical manner during your DJ set. We're one of the longest established online DJ Retailers in the UK. One of our best pieces of DJ equipment for beginners, this affordable controller is compatible with a range of different apps, including edjing Mix and djay, which means you’ll be able to mix music from streaming platforms or your own library. 4. It’s the perfect first step to get the big picture before you dive into the specifics. Dj lernen - Alle Auswahl unter der Menge an verglichenenDj lernen! Ab sofort kannst auch Du mit Hilfe unseres Online-Kurses Musik auf legen wie ein DJ lernen. Start here: Getting Started In Video DJing, Part 1. You’ll learn from expert instructors and receive access to a community of fellow DJs and producers to start building your global DJ network. Jetzt deinen DJ Workshop starten. Digital DJ Tips teaches club DJing, music production, scratch/performance DJing and wedding/event DJing. You don’t need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to make your own music these days: All that’s needed is some software and a laptop (even the one that you’re using to DJ will do!). You’ve spent countless hours practising in your bedroom, and you know it’s time to take the next step. The software will walk you through the setup, explain what each function does and show you how to mix a couple of tracks together. Any training you’d like to see that you can’t find here or in our DJ Training Courses section? Ihr verständigt euch spontan und fließend. This is a new video tutorial series that’ll get you started on the right foot with Traktor: We walk you through downloading and installing the free demo version of Traktor on your computer whether you’re on a Mac or a PC, show you how to set up your audio outputs using your laptop’s built in sound card, and show you how to execute your first DJ mix without using an external DJ controller. Die DJ Akademie ist eine DJ Schule, in der sich zum einem bereits renommierte Künstler und DJs antreffen lassen, um sich entweder weiterzubilden oder neue moderne Techniken kennen zu lernen. But with all the options available, it’s hard to know which tutor or school will be right for your needs. You can also learn from high-quality content creators on YouTube. Start here: Bluffer’s Guide to Traktor’s Remix Decks. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Dj Learn on your desktop or mobile device. Lerne von erfahrenen DJs der OTL Akademie. Or the music you play? Like the DDJ-200, the deck features a club-standard layout so professional gear will feel natural to use when you’re ready to progress. Online. Das Team vergleicht diverse Eigenarten und verleihen dem Kandidat zum Schluss eine finale Punktzahl. How To Organise Your Tunes While DJing, Part 1, 5 Reasons To Organise Your Music Properly, Diary of A Novice Midi Mapper, Part 1 – Getting Started, The Definitive Guide To Making a Mixtape – Part 1, A Beginner DJ’s Guide To Monitors, Part 1: Choosing Your Speakers, Beginner’s Guide To PA Systems, Part 1: Basics, Video Training: How To Use The Transport On The Traktor Kontrol S8, Dive Into Traktor Video 1 – Installation And Set up, Facebook 101 For DJs, Part 1: How To Get Fans, Get Your DJ Podcast On SoundCloud, YouTube & iTunes: Part 1, How To Promote Events & Throw Your Own Parties: Part 1, How To Book Guest DJs For Your Club Night, Part 1, How To Organise A Festival-Style DJ Event, Part 1. They’ve all built a backlog of videos that can help you with everything from basic music theory to tips and tricks that will enhance even an advanced DJ’s arsenal. Make a good first impression by following our guide to creating the perfect mixtape to hand out. Online. Start here: How To Promote Events & Throw Your Own Parties: Part 1. Plus, you’ll easily progress to using decks because WeDJ for iPhone is compatible with our DDJ-200 smart DJ controller. And with so many different avenues to becoming a DJ, there’s no universal starting point. Thinking about trying to incorporate this cutting edge technology from Native Instruments into your own DJing? Itching to get started on that new piece of DJ software you’ve been dying to try out? A good read for DJs who have always used the default mapping of their controllers but now want to go deeper…, Start here: Diary of A Novice Midi Mapper, Part 1 – Getting Started. You don’t have to book an EDM superstar or a house music legend to do just that; there are many “tiers” of DJs that can help you get your own events established. Start here: The Definitive Guide To Making a Mixtape – Part 1. Start here: How To Organise A Festival-Style DJ Event, Part 1. Whether you haven’t touched Remix Decks yet or whether you’ve tried them but couldn’t get them, this will help you get back on track, with videos to show you exact what the articles are talking about too. While the short primer above is a universal and easy to apply method of doing this and is the way we recommend most DJs should go about it, some people like to go deeper… much deeper. By using this site you agree to our privacy and cookie policy. Even though the tools needed to craft original tunes are freely available, the process of creating them can certainly be daunting. It’s the perfect introduction to our premium course, the Pro Mixtape Formula. Jetzt Probestunde buchen Im DJ College lernst du, wie man die Party richtig zum Tanzen bringt. Not only will it help you begin mixing, but you can also make your tracks unique with Hot Cues, loops, Pad FX, Transition FX (currently available on WeDJ for iPhone), and Combo FX. Easily mix musical genres, create huge drops, scratch, and more. Wondered what Traktor’s Remix Decks are? 2 Tracks. Du willst auflegen lernen und ein guter DJ werden? Start here: Beginner’s Guide To PA Systems, Part 1: Basics. There is specific, step-by-step information here to show you exactly how to do it, to help you decide if it’s a regular effort that’d be something good to do in your own DJing. How do you start getting your name out there? Dieses Paket verschafft dir alle Fähigkeiten, die angehende DJs besitzen müssen. A podcast can be your voice in a crowded DJ world where social media is the de facto platform. Voted ‘Best Music Production School’ by the readers of DJ Mag, Point Blank have classes designed to help both intermediate and beginner DJs mix and create music. Start here: Video Training: How To Use The Transport On The Traktor Kontrol S8. Make sure you give your cd to the promoters. This entire tutorial shines the spotlight on Native Instruments’ revolutionary jogwheel-less controller the Traktor Kontrol S8. We suggest high-quality mixing classes, break down our rekordbox Tutorial feature, and more. This series shows you one way of spending a few minutes every week keeping your library in check will pay dividends. CETTE FORMATION DJ N'EST PAS POUR TOUT LE MONDE ! From DJing with music videos to adding completely unique visual elements to your Dj sets, here you can learn the basics of VJing and work out if it’s something you might want to add to your own DJing performances to help you stand out from the crowd. Creative-style 6-channel professional DJ mixer with long faders for smooth, precise mixing. What is it that you’re expected to know about a venue’s PA system as a DJ – and what should you do if it goes wrong in your set? April saw euphoria-inducing shows by Sanjay Dutta, Luke Brancaccio, and more. Unlike when just listening to music at home, a DJ has a precise set of needs when it comes to monitoring his or her mix, and misjudging things like speaker placement and clarity of sound can be the difference between good and poor beatmatching, making decent mixtapes, and ultimately, your DJing enjoyment and success. Want to start mixing music like the pros with a PC/Mac? You’ll gain confidence working within one of the most in-demand digital audio workstations out in the market today, and you’ll leave this short course with your very own full length track to boot. It’s also the company behind the Amazon best-selling book on DJing, ‘Rock The Dancefloor!’ Students who join their online courses get immediate access to private groups for tutor support and fellow student accountability, as well as unique monthly ‘virtual classroom’ live coaching sessions. If you don’t have an active presence on it as a DJ, you’re missing out on potential connections and gigs. A mixtape is the DJs calling card: Pass one that sounds good and you get closer to landing that gig you’ve been wanting to do. To get started, simply connect your smartphone to the controller and WeDJ for iPhone’s Pop-Hint and Tutorial features will show you how to DJ with the hardware. If you’re just starting out on the decks, an online DJ course could be a cheap, effective, time-saving way to develop your skills. We show you the basics of doing just that in this batch of lighting articles. Offering the latest DJ kit from brands including Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, Native Instruments, Numark, American DJ, Chauvet, Alto, Mackie, Rane and more. No fancy stuff or technical expertise required, these are just plain and simple tips to get you started using them today. Further, throwing your own parties can help establish you as a DJ backed by a solid following, regardless of where you perform. Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Its range of connection options mean you can experiment with different DJ setups for beginners. Begin to mix and get comfortable with the layout of DJ gear and software via your smartphone. Online dj lesson videos that help you learn to dj are even better. renowned industry-leading DJ courses to purchase. Want to learn to DJ at your own pace? You’ll practice mixing and dj scratching as you learn to dj. Everybody knows that YouTube has an abundance of tutorials – some are good, some aren’t. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or you’re just curious as to what it’s like DJing with other DJ software in the market, this series of articles covers everything you need to know about your first encounter with Virtual DJ 8, Traktor Pro 2, and Serato DJ. How does sound get from your computer onto a sound system’s speakers? It looks easy enough doesn’t it? 240 Followers. Check them out. This hugely popular deck comes with a dedicated rekordbox dj Tutorial feature to help you start mixing straight out of the box. Mixes of the Month – April | Pioneer DJ Radio. Discover new DJ mixes direct from Pioneer DJ Radio. Here are three highlights. Where can you learn to DJ with vinyl? Proper lighting and the use of appropriate light effects create an atmosphere during your DJ sets that combine to create an immersive experience for your audience. Elle ne vous garantira pas le succès systématiquement. But as with all such things, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it, and go about it wrong, and you’ll probably do your DJing more harm than good. But how do you get booked at the gigs you want? Take your DJing career to the next level! All of the clips are filmed from above which makes it easy to follow along. This training series is aimed squarely at DJs who want to get started producing their own music by introducing you to fundamental production and arranging concepts. Video DJing is rapidly becoming a more accessible option for DJs, and is one way you can add more value and impact to your performances. Which DJ schools will teach you how to beatmatch? So check out this series so you can equip yourself with the tools you need in order to promote yourself effectively as a DJ. 6 MonateVoraussetzungen:KeineFreischaltung:Unmittelbar nach Zahlungseingang bei unsSpielend leicht DJ werden!In nur wenigen Tagen DJ werden? Their goal is to make you confident enough to play at parties and clubs by the end of your lessons. Try our DDJ-400 2-channel DJ controller. Choose your training: Virtual DJ 8 | Traktor Pro 2 | Serato DJ. Facebook is the most widely used social media site today, but if you think it’s just a place to post family photos and party snaps of you and your friends, you’re mistaken! just sorting our music and getting all of those tunes properly filed. Remember, we publish scores of beginner-focused DJ training articles each year. With their help, you can develop punchy, professional-sounding mixes and piece together tunes from scratch. If us DJs had all the time in the world, we’d probably spend an entire summer (probably more!) Let this handy guide show you what you need to know about DJ monitors and setting them up. Offering a wide range of courses, they aim to guide you to the electronic music career of your choice. Wir als Seitenbetreiber haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, Produkte unterschiedlichster Variante zu vergleichen, sodass Sie als Interessierter Leser schnell den Dj lernen gönnen können, den Sie zu Hause haben wollen. Record your demo cd. (We even give you some tips on how to sort your collection while you’re performing! We take you through its basic features and functions, and in the end we show you how Stems work, which is Native’s brand new multitrack music file format that harnesses the power of all those fader and button controls on the Traktor Kontrol S8 for a comprehensive #futureofDJing experience. In this series, you’ll find out the basics of what you should be doing in order to get your podcast from an idea in your head into a living, breathing mix show available to your audience in all the right places. Not enough hours in a day to get your tunes organised? Start here: Facebook 101 For DJs, Part 1: How To Get Fans. Listen to Dj Learn | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. Kuala Lumpur. ist nicht nur die erste Online-Diskothek Deutschlands, sondern gleichzeitig auch ein soziales Projekt. In today’s “DIY” world, smart DJs are realising that the best way to get Dj bookings can sometimes be to “book yourself”, at parties you promote. To see all the free DJ training we offer, head on over to our Skills & Techniques section. In wenigen Schritten DJ werden. From there, you can develop your skills with our dedicated DDJ-400 mixing tutorials. krank oder behindert sind und deshalb keine richtige Diskothek aufsuchen können oder wollen. Music festivals are at an all time high, with heavyweights like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival drawing tens of thousands of people and bringing in megabucks for their organisers, but also in small venues, stadiums and parks in cities and towns the world over. Elle est destinée à des gens motivés et passionnés, prêts à s'investir pour progresser. DJ初心者もOK!DJのための情報 & 動画レッスンサイト。Pioneer DJのrekordboxやDDJ-400, SERATO DJ等の使い方が分かるDJ講座や無料動画!HipHop, R&B, EDM, House…といった様々なジャンルに対応。日本を代表するDJのDJ Here is the answer. Welche Faktoren es vorm Kauf Ihres Dj lernen zu beachten gibt! What’s the difference between powered speakers and passive ones? Go to the clubs, parties, raves, festivals, bars, weddings or any other event that you want to dj at and start handing out your demo cd. When you sign up to one of Crossfader’s courses, you’ll join their online DJ community and be able to speak directly to your tutor via email. With over 20,000 students (and a popular course specifically for rekordbox), Digital DJ Tips was a pioneer of online DJ training. Dj lernen - Unser Testsieger Auf unserer Seite findest du jene wichtigen Informationen und wir haben alle Dj lernen angeschaut. Zum Online DJ-Kurs. To see all the free DJ training we offer, head on over to our Skills & Techniques section. Is it about mixtapes? Dann bist du in Düsseldorfs erster DJ Schule genau richtig! Cette formation DJ "Padawan" pour débutants est intensive et ne s’adresse pas à tout le monde. Take a look at DJcity’s channel for great how-tos by Mojaxx and DJ TLM, and be sure to check out ellaskins and Carlo Atendido. DJをテーマにアニメ、ゲーム、声優によるライブなど様々なメディアミックスを展開するブシロードの新プロジェクト「D4DJ(ディーフォーディージェー)」公式サイト So following directly on from the previous series, once you’ve got a party or two under your belt, one of the quickest ways to build your club night’s brand is to feature a guest DJ with a solid following, someone who complements your own musical style and helps to show the world through their own reputation what your night is all about. Whether it’s through an all-in-one solution like Serato Video or a standalone app like Resolume, integrating visuals in your set has never been easier or more stable. From tune selection, to planning, to performing your mix, to what to do when you’ve got that recording “in the bag”, this series introduces you to all of the key concepts. Start here: Dive Into Traktor Video 1 – Installation And Set up. These online DJ courses and free guides will help. Start here: Creating Killer DJ Promotional Materials. Make the most of your DJ practice area or your home studio by choosing the right DJ monitors for your set-up, and placing them the right way to get your room sounding as best as it could. If you think all it takes to be a great DJ is mixing prowess, think again: A truly successful DJ goes beyond technique mastery by combining smart planning, branding, and marketing savvy to create a consistent image of himself on and off the decks. 6. • Check out all of our free Equipment & Software training in the Equipment & Software section of the website. A well-sorted collection helps you find tracks quicker, and lets you create more comprehensive playlists. From downloading and installing the software, connecting your DJ controller, and even executing your first mix, these articles will get you on the right path. Or knowing the right people?Truth is it’s a combination of all of those things… but one thing all good DJs have is decent promo materials. Find out how you can set up your own festival-style gig in this guide. How To Succeed at DJing (13 parts) Want to be in the DJ booth, not looking up at it? Whether you want to buy one or just understand what happens after the signal leaves your gear, this is for you. My name is Ross Palmer, and I'm going to show you how to become a DJ online, at a world-class level. How To Succeed At DJing, Part 1: What Type Of DJ Do You Want To Be? If you’re just starting out with digital DJing, Midi mapping is not somewhere we recommend you go, but once you’re intrigued about the possibilities of changing the way the controls on your gear work to suit your own style and DJing needs, you may want to dabble: This series gives a first-hand account of what happens behind the scenes when it comes to programming your controllers. For a more in-depth method of organising your DJ music, especially if you have an “inner geek” that needs to be satisfied, check out this far more involved method…, Start here: 5 Reasons To Organise Your Music Properly, Follow in the footsteps of one DJ getting his feet wet in the wonderfully complex world of Midi mapping. From deciding what type of DJ you want to be in the first place (including being realistic about your prospects), to actually making it happen, this series doesn’t so much teach you how to DJ, but how to be a DJ. In this series, we demystify the often complex world of PA systems and narrow it down to bring you only the information you need to know as a DJ. To point you in the right direction, here are a few of the online programs available. So find out how to leverage the power of Facebook to further your career the right way in this mini-series. Es gibt nicht nur gesunde Menschen, sondern auch welche, die z.Zt. Or having a big social media following? While creating podcasts used to be a rather technical affair, it’s never been easier to make one these days. Wir bieten dir eine Selektion an getesteten Dj lernen als auch alle wichtigen Unterschiede die man braucht. From Udemy to DigitalDJTips, there are plenty of in-depth programs around. Deutsch lernen mit kostenlosen DaF-Übungen in den Formaten Video, Audio & Text: Einfach Online Deutsch lernen. To see more useful training articles, head on over to our Tutorials section, and to see our (and your) answers to the many questions DJs ask us, check out our Ask The Experts section. Learn how to become a DJ online: This best-selling, top-rated Udemy DJ course is a complete masterclass with 11 hours of original, high quality instruction. Maybe use fewer words or a more general search term.If you still have no luck you can contact our customer service. Start here: Get Your DJ Podcast On SoundCloud, YouTube & iTunes: Part 1. Start here: A Beginner DJ’s Guide To Monitors, Part 1: Choosing Your Speakers. Das 3 Stufen Konzept: Als TÜV Süd geprüfte Akademie bieten wir dir mit unserem Online DJ Kurs eine neue Form des effektiven Lernens. If you want to find out if Traktor’s the right DJ software for you, this is the series you need to check out right now. Start here: How To Book Guest DJs For Your Club Night, Part 1.

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